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Donna Jensen

Donna was born and raised in the Pampa and Amarillo areas of the Panhandle. After graduating from Pampa High School in 1990, she returned to Amarillo and decided to make it her permanent home.

After working in the accounting field for several years, she was urged to transition her career into the title industry. She became an Escrow Coordinator and along with her Escrow Officer, Lisa Mayfield, they successfully opened Family Title. Once their business grew on demand, the duo was recruited by Chicago Title. After moving to Chicago Title, Donna became the lead coordinator for Lisa and Michael DeBault; two of Amarillo’s top Closers. This afforded her the opportunity to mentor under two top agents and acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to earn her own Escrow license.

Donna loves her role as an Escrow Officer and thrives on obtaining knowledge within the industry; she believes that Knowledge is Power. She also has a natural talent for “all things technology”. She never meets a stranger and her positive outlook makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease. Her demeanor at the closing table is genuine and light-hearted.

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Donna has four children, boys to be exact. Fun fact: from the oldest son to her youngest, there are 19 years difference in their ages. One thing she has taught her boys, “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.” Donna proves to be quite competitive! She loves to play golf and bowl which allows her spending time with her husband, Chris and her children.

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